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No two businesses have the same workforce needs. South Metropolitan TAFE understands the competitive advantage that comes with a qualified and well trained team. That’s why we specialise in tailoring corporate training and education solutions that are as unique as your organisation.

We work alongside industry in the development bespoke programs, the placement of job-ready graduates and the identification of corporate training needs. A cornerstone of training at SM TAFE is the creation and fostering of industry relationships. Our strong links with industry ensure we are able to continuously improve the training we deliver and that we align to contemporary workplace requirements.

As Western Australia’s most diverse registered vocational training provider, our expertise encompasses 140 careers with boundless training options. 

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Feedback from employers about us

In 2018 we surveyed 355 employers about our communication about training programs, employees progress and training issues; course structure and flexibility; and training facilities and resources. Below is what they had to say!

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David, Albany Motorcycles:

"The best aspects of the training was the one-on-one with trainers and training in an environment that teaches a bit more variety. I am very pleased with what my apprentice learns at SM TAFE."

Paul Whittle, Blue Tongue Group:

"The best aspects of the training were working and training on the job, apprentices being work ready and SM TAFE was extremely flexible. SM TAFE also gave really good feedback regarding apprentices."

Peter Ellis, Xtreme Marine:

"Employee has gained a lot of confidence since beginning his course. Lecturers have been in contact which is great."

John, AR One Stop Autos:

"My apprentice is dyslexic, lecturers seem to be supportive with my apprentice and are assisting him where they need to be. I am very happy with SM TAFE, this is my 4th or 5th apprentice I have used with SM TAFE."

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