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Withdrawals and refunds


If you decide that you no longer wish to do a unit or a course, don't just stop attending classes! 

South Metropolitan TAFE would like to have the opportunity to help you choose an alternate unit or option that is more suited to your interests and we encourage you to speak with one of our Course Advisers to assist you with your course options.

We would like to also remind you that it is the student's responsibility to check if you still owe fees even if you withdraw. All students must officially withdraw and check their fees balance once this is done.

Formal withdrawal is also important for students who are enrolled with a Commonwealth VET Student Loan. Students with an approved Commonwealth student loan will incur a liability for the units they have enrolled in if they remain enrolled after the census dates.  For more information on census dates and how they relate to withdrawals for VET Student Loans visit the Student Loans​ page​.

Use the button below to download the Enrolment Adjustment Form. If you have Adobe Reader installed, you may choose to edit the form fields, save on your own system, then email to us. Alternatively, download the form and complete your responses, then scan and email to us. Copies of the form are available from any South Metropolitan TAFE Customer Service Centre. 

Return completed forms to

Withdrawals during COVID-19 pandemic

Students should be aware that courses may include a mix of online and classroom based training delivery, as well as practical and work experience placements. The precise mix will vary from course to course. Adjustments to the time, place and method of delivery may be needed from time to time to ensure social distancing and safe training delivery for staff and students during the COVID-19 pandemic. These changes will not be grounds for a full refund. SM TAFE will provide students with adequate support to work in online environments where necessary, including for any temporary and minor adjustments to course delivery.


Full refunds are not available if you change your mind after enrolling to a course. Eligibility for a refund varies according to the type of qualification you have enrolled into and whether you withdrew before or after census date. Discretionary fees are non-refundable in all circumstances.  Deferrals are not available.

For information about refunds at SM TAFE, use the button below to view our Refund policy. A summary has been provided in the table and paragraphs below.


  ​Percentage refund​​
CERTIFICATES I - IV Tuition fees Resource fees
A course or qualification is cancelled or re-scheduled to a time unsuitable to you 100% 100%
You were not given a place due to maximum number of places being reached 100% 100%
You withdraw before 20% of your course delivery has been concluded (i.e. before census dates) 100% 50%​

Special circumstances**:

  • Serious illness resulting in extended absences from classes;
  • injury or disability that prevents the student from completing their program;
  • other exceptional circumstances.

**Medical certificate/evidence is required and application is subject to approval by Institute MD. 
Your condition must also not be pre-existing.

 Pro-rata     Pro-rata   
  Percentage refund

DIPLOMAS & above (including VET Student Loans students)

For VET Student Loan students, please visit our Student Loans page regarding census dates.

Tuition fees Resource fees
A course or qualification is cancelled or re-scheduled to a time unsuitable to you 100% 100%
You were not given a place due to maximum number of places being reached 100% 100%
You withdraw prior to your census date 100% 100%
You withdraw after your census date 0% 0%

Special Circumstances:
Special circumstances are circumstances that are considered to be unusual, uncommon, or abnormal that can hinder your ability to successfully complete or withdraw from a VET Unit of Study before the census date. South Metropolitan TAFE will re-credit your Commonwealth Student Loan balance if it is satisfied that these circumstances:

  • are beyond the your control;
  • did not make their full impact on you until on or after the census date for the course, or the part of the course; and·  
  • made it impracticable for you to complete the requirements for the course, or the part of the course, during your enrolment in the course, or part of the course.

for full 
re-credit can be requested if all points are met.   

for full 
re-credit can be requested if all points are met.   

​ ​

Closing Date for Refunds based on Concessional Enrolments

Students who are unable to present proof of concession at the time of enrolment, must pay full fees. Students may claim a refund to adjust their fees to the concessional rate if proof of eligibility for concession can be demonstrated prior to the commencement of the unit. If the concession is valid for the full enrolment period, then all eligible units commenced within that period attract the concession rate. If the concession is valid for part of the enrolment period, then only eligible units commenced on or after the start date and prior to the expiry of the concession attract the concession rate. Note: Foundation skills, Diploma and Advanced Diploma courses do not attract a concessional rate. 

Students between the ages of 15 – 17 years old but who have not reached 18 years of age and are not due to reach the age of 18 years in the calendar year for which they enrol may be eligible for concession in some courses (evidence of age must be presented at time of enrolment).  ​

Students who withdraw while on a Fees Payment Agreement (Instalment Plan)

A student on an instalment plan will only be entitled to a refund if the total owed by the student is less than the refund due.  In situations where a student owes more than the refund due, a new Fees Payment agreement will be issued and their outstanding debt amended. Note:  If students do not officially withdraw, within the limits as previously explained, they will still be liable for full payment of any outstanding fees.

This policy does not apply to International Students.  International Students seeking a refund must contact the International Student Support Officer at the College.​

Page last updated April 28, 2020