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Study options

South Metropolitan TAFE offers a range of study options to assist you in balancing study with your life.

Full time

Full time courses require approximately 15 to 25 hours of classroom study per week (normally throughout the day) as well as further personal time. Most full-time qualifications lead to a nationally recognised certificate, diploma or advanced diploma within six to twelve months and they can then be used to progress to further study or enter relevant careers.

You can apply for full time study at any of our major campuses. To start a full-time course at the beginning of the year you will generally need to apply between September and December of the previous year. Semester two applications open in May. 


Part time

Part time study is the perfect option for people seeking to obtain specific skills or unable to undertake a full time study load due to other commitments. Part time courses are generally flexible, with students able to select from available units offered each semester.

Study loads are determined by you and depend on how many units you wish to take on in any one semester. Study time can range from a few hours on a single day or night to three to four days a week. If you want to enrol in a part time course, go to the campus you want to study at. Enrolment days are generally at the end of January for semester one and June/July for semester two. Information on part-time courses is available online, around one month earlier.



Some of our courses are able to be tailored to suit a student who wishes access to a campus at varying times, or a blend of online and in-class attendance. This option gives students the ability to work their study time around busy lifestyles.

To find a flexible course, find your favourite course and look for 'Flexible' in the 'How' section. Then call 1800 001 001 and ask to speak to the lecturer for that course who will be able to explain to you how they can vary the study requirements to allow you to study flexibly.



Many courses are delivered fully online allowing you to manage your study in your own time and place. Our lecturers work with online students alongside on-campus students, meaning you get access to the same course content and expert teaching.


Short Courses

South Metropolitan TAFE offers a range of interesting short courses to inspire a new hobby or to add a new skillset to your professional career. Often these courses are available online (see above) or after hours to suit busy people.

Page last updated September 26, 2018