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Construction Apprenticeship Ready Skill Set

State ID: GAA78

This five-day short course will provide students with a taste of the Construction industry, as well as an opportunity to obtain a White Card.

Students will complete five-days of workshop training where they will obtain a White Card whilst learning about basic hand skills, how to mix mortar, how to handle a trowel and lay bricks and how to identify and use bricklaying tools and equipment. 

Successful completion of the course may lead to further apprenticeship studies in brick/blocklaying. 

Entrance requirements 
To be eligible for a Western Australian apprenticeship you must 
be either 
•an Australian citizen or have Australian citizenship
•be a permanent resident
•be the holder of a passport with Visa subclass 309, 310, 820,
826, 851; or
•be a dependant on a 457 Visa.
You MUST provide proof of your status at your first class, by showing either your Australian passport, Australian Citizenship Certificate, Australian Birth Certificate, Overseas Passport with Permanent Residency Visa or Visa subclass, Medicare Card, Commonwealth Health Care Card or Commonwealth Seniors Health Card.

Resource requirements Steel capped boots are mandatory for this course. We also suggest wearing work attire such as shorts or pants with a t-shirt. 

Delivery location, important dates and study options

This course will be offered with a blended, flexible delivery model to enable social distancing measures to be undertaken during the COVID-19 pandemic. This approach may include a mix of online and classroom based delivery, as well as practical and work experience placements. Lecturers will provide specific instructions to their student groups on how training will be undertaken.


This course is currently undergoing delivery planning and information will be available on our website shortly. Check back later, or use the course enquiry form below to have our Client Contact Centre contact you with further information about the next course start, delivery locations and study modes.

Course enquiry

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