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Cisco CCNA Security (Prepare yourself for CCNA Security Certification)

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Come and study your Cisco Security exam preparation!

Use our state of the art lab environment to learn from expert trainers in how to secure networks and master Cisco to pass your Security exam.

Cisco is an industry standard, and recognised world wide. If you want to be successful in an IT career a Cisco Security certification can help.

Build and secure networks. Prepare for CCNA certification.

Picture yourself as a security professional with the mission to protect your company’s data from theft, damage or disruption. Potential harm can come from a variety of sources. And the risk can quickly scale to a high-consequence event where you’ll have to react using the right knowledge. CCNA Security prepares you for tasks like these by developing the skills needed to design, implement and support security for network devices and ensure their integrity. Start building your expertise today and become an in-demand security professional tomorrow! Course prepares you for CCNA Security Certification. Prerequisite Cisco CCENT or equivalent knowledge required.

2019 Dates

Tuesday July 23 - Tuesday December 10, 2019 (18:00 to 21:00)

Learn the fundamentals of Networking that can be carried across to all other vendors...

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