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CASR-66 Module 8 Basic Aerodynamics

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Study for a career in aircraft maintenance or advance your existing aircraft maintenance career with a B1 or B2 Licensed Aircraft Maintenance Engineer (LAME) license. SM TAFE offers modules to suit the B1 LAME license, focusing on maintenance of Airframes (A), Engines (C) and Electrical (E) systems; and the B2 LAME license, focusing on Electrical (E), Instrument (I) and Radio (R) systems. 

Study flexibly in a CASA approved training facility at Jandakot’s Aviation campus that includes a hangar housing a variety of training aeroplanes, engines and equipment including a Boeing B737-200.  Our classrooms, computer labs and online systems will complement module training that is designed in-house by experienced lecturers in collaboration with industry. Progress your journey by attempting required CASA examinations with us. 

CASA Part 66 Module 8 builds upon basic physics knowledge, extending knowledge into knowledge of atmospheric physics using the International Standard Atmosphere (ISA), application to aerodynamics.

Acquire this knowledge

  • Concepts including airflow, camber, chord, drag types, pressure, angle of attack, wish in and out, wing shape and aspect ratio, thrust, lift, polar curve and stall
  • Flight theory relationships between lift, weight, thrust and drag 
  • Flight stability and dynamics including turning theory, performance and gliding; longitudinal, lateral and directional stability

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If  you are someone who is already in the industry and would like to follow a “self-study” and examinations pathway, express your interest to find out available examination dates.

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This course is currently undergoing delivery planning and information will be available on our website shortly. Check back later, or use the Get Help form below to have our Client Contact Centre contact you with further information about the next course start, delivery locations and study modes.

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