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Applied Thermodynamics and Fluid Mechanics skill set

Applied Thermodynamics and Fluid Mechanics skill set

State ID GAB96
Master power and energy: thermodynamics, fluid mechanics, controllers

Develop skills in mechanical design and performance analysis for applications like fluid statics, heat exchange in power plants, engines, and refrigeration systems.

Gain practical knowledge for a range of purposes in the industry.

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This skill set is part of the Skills Ready program. Other skill sets can be found on our courses page, using the Refine course results>Study mode filters.

Study Mode On Campus.

Manage thermodynamic, fluid mechanics and controllers in power and energy sectors.

The skill set will develop your knowledge in carrying out mechanical design and performance analysis in fluid statics, fluid motion, heat and power exchange in steam and similar power plants, engines and refrigeration systems, to name just a few practical purposes. 

Workers in industry have options available for flexible study. Explore the mechanical diploma and advanced diploma study pathway options.


  • investigate and review sustainability implications, features and functions of Mechanical Engineering sector
  • software assisted techniques for applications for fluid and thermodynamic principles in engineering
  • discover the simulated working environment must be used where the range of conditions reflects realistic workplace situations.
  • reviewing sustainability implications, functions and features of fluid, thermodynamic and vacuum devices, machines and systems
  • identify and evaluate hydrodynamic and thermodynamic principles and techniques, analysis techniques, software and software validation techniques
  • operate, develop and maintain a computer/controller system/program to fulfill project requirements 
  • report and document results of scoping, principles and techniques identification, evaluation of applications, calculations, component and system layouts, and functional diagrams

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