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Have your say

We value your feedback

Our commitment to quality improvement starts and ends with you. Understanding your experiences and concerns is vital in helping us to deliver courses and services that will hold the most benefit in assisting you to reach your study and career goals.

We're looking for students to commit to providing us with their honest feedback about how we can improve our training, courses and services by joining the Student Virtual Advisory Group. This group was designed to gain valuable feedback from you, our customers, in order to make changes to improve the experience of you and of future students. Your feedback will be vital in helping management and service teams at South Metropolitan TAFE in designing future training, courses and services. 

Each semester, you have the opportunity to register for this group where you will be required to complete a total of three online surveys over the course of the semester that take no longer than 10 minutes each. Surveys generally cover topics such as application and enrolment processes, college services and course delivery. By registering for the Student Virtual Advisory Group and completing all three surveys, you will receive a letter of commendation from South Metropolitan TAFE, which is handy for your portfolio in showing your ability to engage and lead! Your involvement will be anonymous - we require your student ID number to ensure you have responded to all of our surveys, but your responses will not identify you and will be treated confidentially.

Keep an eye out for the Student Virtual Advisory Group registration email in Semester 2, 2019 to get involved and have your say!

We have received great feedback from the Student Virtual Advisory Group emails in Semester 2, 2018 and we are pleased to announce a summary of the improvements made after receiving your valuable input. 

Website Improvements

We heard our students wanted more events, career and jobseeker services and study pathways information on our website. Visit our Jobs and Skills Centre page for information on the jobseeker and career services they can provide for all SM TAFE students. You can also head to our career planning page to see how we can help you with career planning, resume writing help and other employment related queries. To view the study pathways, go to the industry page of your choice under 'courses' and click the purple pathways button. 

Events Improvements

Our students told us they want more training area information sessions, career expos and invitations to events by students. We've created an events listing for you to keep up to date with college events and activities. We've also developed mechanisms for training areas to share their events with you. 

Social Media Improvements

The preferred social media for our students is Facebook, followed by LinkedIn and YouTube. We've worked since to ensure we have a regular calendar of valuable information for students on these channels including jobs news, student videos and support assistance opportunities. Make sure you follow our social media pages to keep up to date with college activities, events, news and information! 

Customer Service Improvements

Our students were mostly satisfied with our customer service last year. System changes meant we introduced new enrolment processes in January 2019. With your help we'd like to ensure our service standards remain high with with our first 2019 survey focusing on enrolment. 

Want to tell us about your experience straight away?

If you have any comments, compliments or complaints, you don't need to wait for our surveys. You can use our online feedback form at any time! Our evaluation team works through feedback received through our online form daily, and can identify ways to improve while keeping your feedback confidential. 

Page last updated March 22, 2019