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Our online learning is delivered through Blackboard, a secure website-based system where students can connect, access course content and collaborate.

Blackboard allows students to access their course content such as unit outlines, assessments and tasks, access online scheduled classes, and view announcements, blogs and class discussions. Students can also submit their assessments via Blackboard.


Learn to use Blackboard with our videos

Our YouTube videos break down some concepts such as MyBlackboard, units and clusters, shells, learning resources, and delivery assessment plans (also known as DAP). 

See the full video, Getting Started with Blackboard, or view each segment below:

  1. Logging into and exiting Blackboard
  2. Navigating My Blackboard
  3. Blackboard courses
  4. Accepting the DAP
  5. Submitting an assessment

Or, download our guide, Students Getting Started with Online Learning.

If you've been advised to use virtual classrooms as part of your study, the guide Learn how to participate in Collaborate sessions can be of help.

How to access Blackboard

Your access to Blackboard begins 48 hours after enrolling. Find the icon ready to click when you log in to Student Portal. Once logged in and you find the Blackboard icon, you can favourite the website and return directly.

Please note: your log in details are the same as your student portal login, which means you will be required to reset your password every 90 days, whichever system you choose to use to access Blackboard.   


More information about Blackboard

If you can log into Blackboard, but do not see any of your units listed, please check with your lecturer. Your lecturer can also help you with questions about the content or use of the unit information they provide via Blackboard.  If you need technical support to access and use Blackboard, see our handy guide below.

Blackboard Troubleshooting Guide 


Page last updated May 20, 2020