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SM TAFE has worked with Civmec to provide workforce development solutions and apprentice training in engineering / fabrication. To date the collaboration between SM TAFE and Civmec has led to over 35 apprentices being trained, with this number continuing to grow. SM TAFE was also the trainer on the P-tech pilot where Cecil Andrews Senior High School participated in the program. This fostered partnerships between schools and industry, providing students with the opportunity to better understand local industry and how their learning can lead to future jobs and post-school pathways.  SM TAFE was the key education provider for the pilot with industry partners such as Civmec.  Under the P-Tech model, Cecil Andrews has partnered with SM TAFE to deliver elements of the P-Tech learning program. This provides a seamless pathway for students as they transition from school to employment, or alternatively undertake further training, allowing them to complete a post-school qualification.  Industry partners such as Civmec have supported the pilot by offering opportunities to the students, including work experience, industry mentoring and support, with a view to engaging the students to take a defence or STEM pathway. SM TAFE are currently collaborating with Civmec on a program to provide onsite training for their apprentices, providing 'on-the-job' support and training for those participating in the program.