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Charles Telfair Campus

SM TAFE and the Charles Telfair Campus (CTC) in Mauritius have been in partnership since 2005 under a third party offshore delivery agreement. Over the course of this partnership, many qualifications have been delivered and a new training agreement was signed in 2019, covering delivery of three business qualifications (Certificate III, IV and Diploma of Business) and the new Diploma of International Children’s Services qualification. This partnership has been highlighted as best practice in transnational education and is highly valued by both institutes. CTC delivers Australian VET qualifications to Mauritian students under the quality and compliance auspice of SM TAFE. CTC staff that deliver on this program, have been trained in the Certificate IV in Training and Assessment (TAE) are keep updated by SM TAFE on any changes or updates as required. All successful students are presented with a SM TAFE testimonial and an annual graduation ceremony. Both CTC and SM TAFE will continue to identify opportunities to further expand this partnership as opportunities arise in 2021. 

“The Charles Telfair Campus is very proud of our partnership with South Metropolitan TAFE since 2005. Together we have developed over 5,500 graduates and we at CTC are confident that as a result of our shared passion for quality, our graduates will continue to make a difference both in Mauritius and the broader Africa region."

Dr Charoux, Executive Director, Charles Telfair Campus