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Campus library services

The role of the Library Service at South Metropolitan TAFE is to help and support students and staff in their learning and teaching endeavours.  

Each of our Libraries offer a range of different resources, tailored to meet the needs of students and staff at that campus. 

orientation and training

We offer a range of training sessions to help you develop your research and library skills. 

Library orientation

This 30 minute session in the Library may be scheduled by Lecturers during class time or by the Library as an "open to all" session.

You will learn about opening hours, borrowing, printing and photocopying, computer services, student ID cards and the library webpage.  A short tour of the facilities is included.

Basic referencing

This 30 minute session may be scheduled by Lecturers during class time or by the Library as an "open to all" session. 

You will learn about plagiarism and the consequences of not referencing your assignments. In text citations and end text references and their basic elements will be discussed as well as quotations vs paraphrasing.  You will learn how to find the South Metropolitan TAFE Referencing & Plagiarism Libguide and APA Referencing Guide as well as how to reference information from books and journal issues.  Participants will practice referencing a quotation from a book and a journal article.

Advanced referencing

This 30 minute session may be scheduled by Lecturers during class time or by the Library as an "open to all" session.  Basic Referencing is a pre-requisite for attendance at this class.

You will learn how to reference more complex examples with corporate authors or editors as well as how to reference conference papers, images and information from electronic sources such as websites, journal articles from databases and e-books. 

Introduction to using databases

This 30 minute session may be scheduled by Lecturers during class time or by the Library as an "open to all" session.

You will learn about the benefits of using databases for research, how to locate them on the Library web page and how to login both on and off campus. In this session you will search a database for a journal article and learn how to retrieve, email, print, cite and save it.

Advanced databases searching

This 30 minute session may be scheduled by Lecturers during class time or by the Library as an "open to all" session. Introduction to Research Using Databases is a pre-requisite for attendance at this class.

You will build on the knowledge learnt in the introductory session, learning how to refine searches even further and how to create a personal profile or folder to save searches and create alerts.

computer access 

Computers are available in the library for students to use, or you are welcome to bring your own device.  

Library computers

Library computers are connected to the Library MFD/printer. Learn more about printing and copying in the Library. 

BYO devices

Instructions on how to connect your own device to the South Metropolitan TAFE wireless network are available from your campus library.

BYO devices on the wireless network are not currently able to connect to the Library MFD/printer. If you are experiencing difficulties, bring your device into the Library and we will assist you.  

Charging your devices

Phones and tablets can be charged at the library Chargebars. Chargebars are available in our Bentley, Carlisle and Thornlie campus libraries. 

For other devices, access to power is available in all major campus libraries. Please bring your own cable.

printing and photocopying 

Printing and copying are done via a multi-function device (MFD). You may print or copy in colour or black and white, as well as scan. Prices vary across the campuses. 

Bentley, Carlisle and Thornlie Campuses

Printing and copying costs (per page)

Black & White


A4 $0.20 $0.70
A4 double-sided $0.35 $1.35
A3 $0.30 $1.80
A3 double-sided $0.55 $3.55
Scanning Free Free

To pay for your printing and copying, you need to add value to your student charge account using the PIN emailed to you. You can add value (coins and notes only) to your account at any of the kiosks in the Libraries on the main campuses (Bentley, Carlisle and Thornlie). This credit will allow you to print and copy.


Fremantle (Beaconsfield), Fremantle (Fleet Street), Murdoch and Rockingham Campuses

Printing costs (per page) Black & White Colour
A4 $0.20 $1.20
A3 $0.40 $2.40
Copying costs (per page) Black & White Colour
A4 $0.10 $1.00
A3 $0.20 $2.00
Scanning Free Free

To pay for your photocopying you need to add coins to the coin machine attached to the MFD.  Printing is paid for when you collect your copies.

Please remember that all copying must be done in compliance with copyright legislation.

Need some help with printing and copying (including your PIN)? Ask at your campus library.

Student ID cards 

All enrolled students are entitled to a South Metropolitan TAFE Student ID card. Charges may apply.  

Your student ID card is also your library card. It should be presented to Library staff when you want to borrow items from the Library.

To get a student ID card, ask at your Campus Library.

services for external students 

The Library service is committed to providing a quality information and lending service to all students.  If you are studying via flexible, online or external study modes, you are entitled to additional Library services to allow you to take full advantage of the resources offered to support you.

Who can use the service?

All students who are enrolled at South Metropolitan TAFE are able to use the Library services on campus. Students who are enrolled in flexible, online or external modes and are unable to visit a campus library are offered a postal service.

Library membership

All currently enrolled students are automatically registered as a library member. Your South Metropolitan TAFE student ID card is your Library card. 

How do I get a student ID card?

The quickest and easiest way to get an ID card is to come into your home campus library, please bring your enrolment form or some form of ID with you.  Charges may apply for a student ID card. If you can't visit a campus library, please follow the instructions on the Student ID Cards for External Students guide.

How do I access the library collections?

All current South Metropolitan TAFE Students can access Library services at any one of the Libraries at Balga, Bentley, Carlisle, Midland and Thornlie Campuses. We also offer a range of online resources on our Library website

Mail service

If you are unable to visit a campus library and require resources to be mailed to you, please contact the Library by phone or email. Let us know that you are studying by flexible, online or external mode. We will send your requested titles in a padded bag with a free postal return label. Once you have finished with the items, place them back in the bag and attach the free postal return label. Post the bag back to us at your local post box or post office.

How many items can I borrow and for how long?

Flexible, online and external students may borrow the same items as on-campus students, with the exception of closed reserve, reference materials and textbooks. The loan period is generally one month, although some heavily used items will only be made available for short loan periods.

How do I renew items?

Students using the mail service may renew items once by contacting the Library  or via the Library catalogue. If there is a hold request on your item you will not be able to renew it and it should be returned.



Page last updated January 17, 2017