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Certificate IV in Commercial Cookery

National ID: SIT40413 | State ID: J624


Want to run a fast paced kitchen?

When you complete the Certificate IV in Commercial Cookery you will be able to work as a  supervisor/team leader cook or chef in a range of kitchens.

You will gain the knowledge and skills to lead a team in a commercial kitchen and be able to plan, prepare and cook food. You will produce dishes suitable for cultural and dietary requirements and learn about cleaning, first aid, food safety programs, managing workplace conflict, hygiene and workplace health and safety.

Your qualification prepares you for roles such as:

When you complete the Certificate IV in Commercial Cookery you will be looking at a supervisor or team leader career as a cook or chef in a range of kitchens.

For information about jobs and pathways, please see

Further study opportunities:

Diploma of Hospitality

Course overview

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Course Overview

Where Bentley

One semester full-time (after completion of Certificate III in Commercial Cookery)

How Full Time (On Campus)
When Available Semester 2, 2017

When you complete the Certificate IV in Commercial Cookery you will be looking at a supervisor or team leader career as a cook or chef in a range of kitchens.

For information about jobs and pathways, please see

Further study opportunities:

Diploma of Hospitality

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Module Group Core Units

Unit Title National ID Unit of Study
Coach others in job skills SITXHRM301 WF784
Lead and manage people SITXHRM402 WF786
Participate in safe food handling practices SITXFSA201 WF780
Use hygienic practices for food safety SITXFSA101 WF779
Manage finances within a budget SITXFIN402 WF775
Maintain the quality of perishable items SITXINV202 WF792
Plan and cost basic menus SITHKOP302 WF671
Implement and monitor work health and safety practices SITXWHS401 WF814
Provide first aid HLTAID003 WG732
Produce desserts SITHPAT306 WF683
Monitor work operations SITXMGT401 WF802
Develop menus for special dietary requirements SITHKOP402 WF673
Manage conflict SITXCOM401 WF751
Coordinate cooking operations SITHKOP403 WF674
Use food preparation equipment SITHCCC101 WF610
Produce appetisers and salads SITHCCC202 WF615
Manage diversity in the workplace BSBDIV501A D4861
Work effectively as a cook SITHCCC309 WF629
Implement and monitor environmentally sustainable work practices BSBSUS301A D1022
Produce stocks, sauces and soups SITHCCC203 WF616
Produce dishes using basic methods of cookery SITHCCC201 WF614
Produce vegetable, fruit, egg and farinaceous dishes SITHCCC204 WF617
Prepare food to meet special dietary requirements SITHCCC307 WF627
Produce cakes, pastries and breads SITHCCC308 WF628
Produce meat dishes SITHCCC303 WF623
Produce poultry dishes SITHCCC301 WF621
Produce seafood dishes SITHCCC302 WF622

Module Group Elective Units

Unit Title National ID Unit of Study
Operate a bar SITHFAB202 WF634
Prepare and serve espresso coffee SITHFAB204 WF636
Provide advice on Australian wines SITHFAB305 WF643
Provide advice on beers, spirits and liqueurs SITHFAB304 WF642
Provide advice on food SITHFAB309 WF647
Provide silver service SITHFAB308 WF646
Provide responsible service of alcohol SITHFAB201 WF633
Provide table service of food and beverage SITHFAB307 WF645
Provide advice on imported wines SITHFAB306 WF644
Rethermalise chilled and frozen foods SITHCCC206 WF619
Produce cook-chill and cook-freeze foods SITHCCC205 WF618
Handle and serve cheese SITHCCC306 WF626
Provide gueridon service SITHFAB311 WF649
Produce and serve food for buffets SITHCCC304 WF624
Produce pates and terrines SITHCCC305 WF625
Plan in-house events or functions SITXEVT401 WF758
Prepare portion-controlled meat cuts SITHCCC402 WF631
Produce specialised food items SITHCCC401 WF630
Interpret financial information SITXFIN401 WF774
Produce petits fours SITHPAT305 WF682
Produce chocolate confectionery SITHPAT402 WF685
Package prepared foodstuffs SITHCCC104 WF613
Produce gateaux, torten and cakes SITHPAT302 WF679
Coordinate marketing activities SITXMPR404 WF808
Prepare and model marzipan SITHPAT401 WF684
Model sugar based decorations SITHPAT403 WF686
Source and use information on the hospitality industry SITHIND201 WF667
Identify hazards, assess and control safety risks SITXWHS301 WF813
Design and produce sweet buffet showpieces SITHPAT404 WF687
Plan and implement sales activities SITXMPR403 WF807
Coordinate production of brochures and marketing materials SITXMPR401 WF805
Roster staff SITXHRM401 WF785
Develop and implement a food safety program SITXFSA401 WF782
Provide advice on food and beverage matching SITHFAB310 WF648
Receive and store stock SITXINV201 WF791
Purchase goods SITXINV301 WF793
Plan catering for events or functions SITHKOP404 WF675
Plan and display buffets SITHKOP401 WF672
Control stock SITXINV401 WF794
Transport and store food SITXFSA202 WF781
Produce Asian rice and noodles SITHASC206 WF596
Prepare financial reports BSBFIA401A D0705
Contribute to workplace innovation BSBINN201A D0757
Market the small business BSBSMB403A D1014
Undertake small business planning BSBSMB404A D1015
Communicate electronically BSBITU203A D0783
Provide personal leadership BSBMGT405A D0845
Work effectively with older people CHCAC318B D9310
Mentor in the workplace TAEDEL404A WA874
Provide work skill instruction TAEDEL301A WA870
Establish legal and risk management requirements of small business BSBSMB401A D1012
Make a presentation BSBCMM401A D0631
Process payroll BSBFIA302A D0702
Maintain financial records BSBFIA301A D0701
Produce simple word processed documents BSBITU201A D0781
Use business technology BSBWOR204A D1027
Process accounts payable and receivable BSBFIA303A D0703
Analyse and present research information BSBRES401A D0971
Design and produce business documents BSBITU306A D0789
Create and use spreadsheets BSBITU202A D0782
Contribute to assessment TAEASS301B S7786
Merchandise products SIRXMER201 WD969
Produce Chinese roast meat and poultry dishes SITHASC308 WF605
Produce dim sum SITHASC307 WF604
Produce sashimi SITHASC304 WF601
Produce tandoori dishes SITHASC309 WF606
Produce Indian breads SITHASC310 WF607
Provide service to customers SITXCCS303 WF744
Produce Indian sweetmeats SITHASC311 WF608
Produce Indian pickles and chutneys SITHASC312 WF609
Produce Japanese desserts SITHASC306 WF603
Produce Asian cooked dishes SITHASC301 WF598
Produce Asian appetisers and snacks SITHASC202 WF592
Produce sushi SITHASC305 WF602
Support performance-management processes BSBHRM403B WG082
Produce Asian stocks and soups SITHASC203 WF593
Produce Asian salads SITHASC205 WF595
Produce Asian desserts SITHASC302 WF599
Produce Japanese cooked dishes SITHASC303 WF600
Produce curry pastes and powders SITHASC207 WF597
Enhance the customer service experience SITXCCS401 WF745
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Entrance Requirements

School Leaver Non-School Leaver AQF
C Grades in Year 11 WACE General English, and OLNA or NAPLAN 9 Band 8 C Grades in Year 11 English and Maths or equivalent Certificate II or Certificate III

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