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Studying this qualification at South Metropolitan TAFE will provide you with a qualification that gives you options to work in the surface preparation and coating industry in areas such as oil and gas, marine, plant construction and maintenance, defence and site maintenance. This qualification covers surface preparation, including blasting and high pressure jetting, protective coating applications, welding and surface testing.

Your qualification prepares you for roles such as:

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Course Overview

Where Carlisle
How Apprenticeship
When This course is available for Semester 1, 2017.

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Module Group Mandatory units

Unit Title National ID Unit of Study
Work with others in a manufacturing, engineering or related environment MEM16007A W5548
Apply quality procedures MEM15024A W5531
Assist in the provision of on the job training MEM17003A W5552
Participate in environmentally sustainable work practices MSAENV272B D3655
Perform computations MEM12024A W5449
Plan a complete activity MEM14005A W5513
Apply quality systems MEM15002A W5532
Plan to undertake a routine task MEM14004A W5512
Interact with computing technology MEM16008A W5452
Perform engineering measurements MEM12023A W5492
Organise and communicate information MEM16006A W5451
Apply principles of occupational health and safety in the work environment MEM13014A W5502

Module Group Specialist stream units

Unit Title National ID Unit of Study
Prepare and produce specialised coatings MEM08005B W5404
Perform electroplating operations MEM08003C W5402
Perform wire, jig and barrel load/unload work MEM08001B W5399
Control surface finish production and finished product quality MEM08007B W5406
Electroplate decorative finishes MEM08020B W5400
Pre-treat work for subsequent surface coating MEM08002C W5401
Electroplate protective finishes MEM08019B W5398
Produce powder coated products PMBPROD323C W7635
Interpret technical drawing MEM09002B W5418
Make up solutions MEM08009C W5408
Apply basic engineering design concepts MEM09011B W5410
Operate and control surface finishing waste treatment process MEM08008B W5407
Perform operational maintenance of machines/equipment MEM07001B W5364
Perform manual production assembly MEM03001B W5265
Perform precision assembly MEM03002B W5266
Use power tools/hand held operations MEM18002B W5574
Use hand tools MEM18001C W5563
Handle/move bulk fluids/gases MEM11009B W5486
Work safely with industrial chemicals and materials MEM13003B W5505
Set assembly stations MEM03006B W5270
Carry out heat treatment MEM06003C W5348
Apply protective coatings (basic) MEM08014B W5394
Apply protective coatings (advanced) MEM08015B W5395
Prepare surfaces by abrasive blasting (basic) MEM08012B W5392
Manually finish/polish materials MEM08010B W5390
Operate and monitor machine/process MEM07024B W5369
Electroplate engineering coatings MEM08018B W5397
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