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Job Ready Program

What is the Job Ready Program?

The Job Ready Program (JRP) is a four-step employment-based skills assessment program for international students who are completing a VET qualification and require a skills assessment to apply for temporary or permanent migration in Australia.

Detailed information about the Job Ready Program is available from the Trades Recognition Australia (TRA) website.

South Metropolitan TAFE is a TRA-approved Registered Training Organisation (RTO) to conduct Workplace Assessments (Step 3) for the Job Ready Program. South Metropolitan TAFE supports our graduating international students however application approvals and submission are the responsibility of you as the student.

Step 1 - Provisional Skills Assessment (PSA) requires evidence of 360 hours of employment and/or Work Integrated Learning (WIL) during your VET studies. Please check course suitability for claiming these hours.

Certain South Metropolitan TAFE qualifications will have a fully structured work component forming part of the course. In these courses you will be placed in industry during as part of your course  (unpaid). Other qualifications deliver training in simulated work environments in a workshop or facility that is open to the general public where clients pay for a service. Examples of these would be the Bentley Pines Restaurant, the Hairdressing Salon or the Veterinary clinic which is open to the public. TRA will accept the hours undertaken in these environments towards the 360 hours for the PSA.

NOTE: Not all study hours undertaken in simulated work environments will be accepted by TRA. It is your responsibility to have this confirmed as South Metropolitan TAFE cannot guarantee TRA will accept the hours you present as evidence.

South Metropolitan TAFE can provide international students with a supporting letter outlining the work experience and/or training completed as part of your studies but acceptance of the application lies totally with TRA. South Metropolitan TAFE holds no responsibility for applications that are rejected.

South Metropolitan TAFE cannot include details of any employment that was completed outside your studies. Evidence required by TRA to support employment outside your VET studies is detailed below.   

The four steps of the JRP are listed below.  Please follow the links for all four steps which outline the specific requirements and eligibility of graduating international students considering applying for this program. 

Step 1 - Provisional Skills Assessment (PSA)
Step 2 - Job Ready Employment (JRE)
Step 3 - Job Ready Workplace Assessment (JRWA)
Step 4 - Job Ready Final Assessment (JRFA)

South Metropolitan TAFE recommends that international students who are completing their studies and are considering applying for the JRP, read the Information Sheet which outlines the requirements for each step and check with TRA and the Department of Immigration and Border Protection to ensure your pathway is approved.

Page last updated December 08, 2016