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Customer comment policy

A ‘customer comment’ is any feedback submitted to South Metropolitan TAFE by its customers and staff (future or existing), or members of the community. This could be a complaint, suggestion or compliment about the Institute’s services, resources or staff members.


  • South Metropolitan TAFE is committed to the fair and just treatment of complaints and acknowledges the right of the customer to appeal a decision.
  • Relevant staff will ensure personal information about individual complaints is kept confidential.
  • If a conflict of interest is identified between a complainant and an officer managing a complaint, the complaint will be re-allocated to another appropriate officer within the Institute for resolution.
  • Support can be provided to assist any individual who wishes to make a customer comment to South Metropolitan TAFE and is unable to complete the online or pre-printed form. This is available through the relevant student services area.
  • Customers will be provided with a response within 5 working days acknowledging receipt of their complaint.
  • Complaints should reach a resolution within 10 working days. When this is not possible, the customer will be notified and kept informed of its progress.
  • Managers use complaints data to identify opportunities for service improvements and to prevent the repetition of similar problems.


  • Customer comments and/or suggestions can be submitted via the customer comments form on South Metropolitan TAFE website. Pre-printed forms are also available from Student Administration and Course Information Centres.
  • Once a customer comment has been submitted to the Institute it is allocated to the manager responsible for the area it relates to.
  • Once a customer complaint has been finalised the Institute will seek feedback from the complainant regarding their views on how well their complaint was dealt with.
  • A customer has the right to appeal a decision resulting from the resolution of a customer complaint.

Please Note: Comments of a defamatory nature or containing racist, sexist or other offensive material will be returned to the complainant for removal of the offensive material before being actioned. If the complaint is anonymous and contains comments of a defamatory nature or containing racist, sexist or other offensive material the complaint will be discarded.


Page last updated August 26, 2016